My Favourite Sites


Here are some great sites contributing to a kinder, more aware planet.


Great information about living a plant powered life and also about upcoming events throughout Australia and the world.

Worldwide dining guide, searchable by map.  Wherever you are, you can eat happy!

News, product reviews, recipes, lifestyle guides and calendar of vegan festivals in the USA.   This is a great place to start to find the array of books and movies out there.  Other movies not listed include Vegan:Everyday Stories (highly recommended, it is lovely) and Raw -The Documentary about a couple in their 60’s running 366 consecutive marathons around Australia.

This is a magazine with a great website available free to all.  I always learn something new.  Here is their list of award winning blogs as chosen by their readers



The largest collection of veg recipes on the net. I love the ‘surprise me’ button.

Her oozy gooey mozzarella….sigh! Add a pinch of turmeric if you want it more golden.

The pepperoni is  up amazing.  I add a bit of tinned or roasted beetroot for colour and make a triple quantity of the spices for next time I cook it I roll it between two sheets of baking paper on the bench, then remove top sheet and put the bottom sheet directly on oven rack (You will cover two racks with and average size block of the firmest tofu). I flip the pepperoni half way through cooking using the reserved top sheet. I don’t bother pressing out circles, instead I cut it up into slices when cooked and freeze for a quick sandwich filling.


 Animal Rights

The results of my 2016 resolution to research and donate to a different animal focused organisation each week for a year.  There are an amazing number of great projects out there and this is a far from exhaustive list, but it is a good place to start :).



Animal stories from around the world.

The videos!  Great e-book too.  You will never look at your backyard friends the same.

Speaking of backyard friends…this YouTube video is amazing: Chicken police?

Green Riding Hood 

An interactive green fairy tale app for kids.  Available through  iTunes only, so far as I can see.

Becoming the best we can be — an evening with Lyn White 

In this feature length video, free on YouTube, Animals Australia’s campaign director, Lyn White shares her wisdom to inspire us all to be the best we can be.


There is so much more out there, but here is a hand picked selection to start out 🙂



Once upon a time people starting listening to their consciences…

and the whole world became a better place…