Meal Ideas

No recipes here, just an ever-growing list of plant powered meal ideas which show you can make up a great meal with anything at all you have on hand! 🙂

Vietnamese coleslaw with floured and fried king oyster mushrooms and spring rolls
Veg snags with vegan cheesy sauce
Home-made black eyed bean natto and salad.




Mock chicken, tempeh and sage ‘stuffing’ and sweet potato mash with home brew!
Breakfast: Homemade tempeh ‘bacon’, onion rings, mushies and Brussels sprouts all cooked on sandwich press.
Celery and peanut butter snack
Green split pea soup (soaked 12 hours then done 20 mins in pressure cooker in 150% water… with garlic, Massell stock powder, fresh herbs and olive oil all added at end.  Homemade broadbean dumplings and home grown grapes.  Everyone in a cool climate with space should consider growing grapes..they can fruit within one or two years.

Broad bean falafels, avo, cabbage and carrot run thru food processor grater (to fine them up),  tinned Aussie beetroot, fried onion and cool green heirloom ‘tigeralla’ tommies. And homebrew.
Homemade seitan bites and broadbean falafels, nectarines and tomatoes from the garden and Persian ‘naan’ garlic bread.  Oh yeah, tommie sauce and American mustard for dipping!
Sandwich press grilled zucchini, tomato and mock duck from Vincent Vegetarian, Footscray. Also, noodles (about to go out of date so had to create a reason to use them), and cauliflower mash (steam in pressure cooker till stodgy, mash with soy sauce, garlic and sesame oil using stick mixer if you have one, or potato masher if your don’t. )


ps: handy note, if you have a stick mixer, please turn it ‘off’ before using some fingers to clean it while other fingers to push the ‘on’ button simultaneously…!

Vegan pho (pronounced ‘feu’ from the French for ‘fire’) topped with herbs, sprouts and mock anchovies. (Served in bowls I bought from the op shop which turned out to have been donated by my mum in law!)
Japanese inspired tacos – toasted taco shells, salad with shiso herb, vegenaise and eggplant marinated in mirin, ginger and soy  (cooked on sandwich press)
Floured and fried tofu, Vegenaise, beetroot and salad sushi rolls. (Serve with wasabi and soy)

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Bean Curry  (Blended zucchinis, ginger, tomato paste, coconut oil and  random curry spices make the sauce you see in the blender)

Creamy mild curried coconut sauce (use just a sprinkle from any old box of flavouring that appeals) with mock chicken or tofu and zucchini ..serve with side of your choice.
Stir fry with mock chicken (all done on sandwich press)
Japanese style salad (with excess kombucha scoby chopped through it), dinosaur pasta with almond cheese and capers (both browned on sandwich press)
Frozen supermarket spring rolls (done on sandwich press), rice, salad and satay sauce
Mock mutton and potato rendang with brown rice and buckwheat and grated cabbage and carrot salad