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Vasectomy by Dr Snip

I have never had a desire to be called’ ‘mum’ (or even ‘auntie’).  

Some kids know they want to be a pilot when they grow up, others want to be a rock star.  I just knew I never wanted kids.  People kept saying I would change my mind as I reached birthday milestones …25…nope …30…nope… 35…nope etc.


Fortunately my partner felt exactly the same way about ‘dad’ and so an appointment with Dr Snip was made.  He has great information on his site, so if this is a path you are considering, it is well worth a visit.

For guys who are nervous about the physical side of it…think about what women go through…nine months of pregnancy (no alcohol!), permanent body changes, painful childbirth, sore boobs, career upheaval…and suddenly it doesn’t seem that dramatic at all.

My partner had it done on a Friday (I got to watch).  He works in a physical job and would have been able to go back to work on the Monday, but his big tough team leader who is terrified of the idea encouraged him to take it off, so who was he to refuse!

He had some discomfort on and off for a few weeks afterward, but nothing he needed painkillers for.  A few months after the procedure he experienced discomfort again, that lasted a couple of weeks then went away and he has been perfect in the years since.

It has DEFINITELY made a very positive contribution to our relationship. Spontaneity is never an issue and there is no more stress about contraceptive measures that can be unhealthy, unpleasant and also are never 100% effective.

Vasectomy is 100% effective and should be long-term side effect free.

dr snip.jpg

Some people say that we ‘missing out’.  No doubt we are missing out on some nice things, as well as some not so nice things…as are they.   Nobody can have everything.  I am just grateful that our society offers us the choice.

If you have decided not to have kids for one of many reasons…

For environmental reasons.  Or you can’t/don’t want to stump up the associated costs.  Or to prevent passing on a health issue.  Or you think that being born a human is overrated and you don’t want to put someone through all that.  Or you value your freedom and have other plans.  Or you want yourself and your partner to remain each other’s Number One.  You may like to know that when your turn comes to exit the world, you can do so with less attachment. Or you may like the ability to give/will your earthly possessions to charitable causes.  Or you just find the thought of being depended on claustrophobic.  Or you already have your fair share of kids.

…You have the choice to put your balls on the line.

Dr Snip will even throw in a free stubby cooler.

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Your own consciousness should be heard

I nearly packed this whole thing in out of a feeling of  anger, powerlessness and insecurity combined.


Insert your pet's/child's name here
Insert your pet’s/ child’s/ partner’s name here

I don’t understand a world where people claim to love animals then pay other people to hurt them secretly.

I don’t understand a world where ‘Buddhist’ precepts apparently make the most logical moral/religious sense to so many humans, but still they don’t gel with what we greedy things actually do in the ‘real world’.

Surely if there really was a genuine, underlying ‘meaning to life’ then the ‘moral’ way would be more clear cut and more attainable by all?

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu – May all beings be happy and free.

What a crock of shit.

In the competitive natural world where things need to evolve, find a niche and survive, sadly selfishness is the ONLY way forward with cruelty tacked on as an added survival imperative for many of the more parasitic/carnivorous/voracious species.

Who can believe the ‘universe’ is pure love?! Unconscious cruelty is everywhere.

Conscious cruelty goes unchecked.  Surely pure love would reward the principled more and punish the amoral?

Oh, sorry… It does… but we have to wait til a mysterious and inexplicable afterlife?

How does this make sense?

A good parent educates their child there and then, not at some random time in the future.

Also good parents reward good children.  I don’t see much of this either.  Bad children get lots here on this random, survival of the fittest earth.

Why don’t moral people find themselves more blessed by ‘the universe’ in winning lotteries they can use to do good with and getting less early death than the morally corrupt?


It’s time to stop waiting for it to magically reveal itself.

Doesn’t matter.  We all have our own consciences, and we all know when we are denying our conscience a right to be heard.  We do all have an individual morality that is unique to each of us.

If each of us would stop ignoring it so hard, the world would be a much kinder place.

So much meat is eaten not out of need, but out of either laziness, ignorance or greed.

So many children are born out of much the same reasons,

And ditto waste and pollution.

If you care about refugees, sick kids, animals, the earth; don’t do nothing, do something.

Forget a heavenly after-world. Wake up now and realise that every single thing we it having kids, having pets, what we eat, buy, sell, where we go for holidays and what we talk about; basically what we do and what we don’t do, seen and unseen, all of it, we are responsible for.

Otherwise, we might as well be  zombies…a fetishisation of gruesome death that is actually pretty pathetic.  Try showing ‘zombie walkers’ abattoir footage and see how many last the distance.

The quickest way to start making a difference right now, is with what you eat.

If you care about animals, it is so easy to learn something new to eat, get healthier, help animals and save money, all in one single day.  Don’t be lazy.

Stop paying someone else to make unseen animals suffer.

Be the morals that you want to see.


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Butterflies and Gold Dust Wattle

Not only does the Gold Dust Wattle (acacia acinacea) have a beautiful name and beautiful flowers, it has also brought new life into the garden; and new learning into our life!

Gold Dust Wattle

We noticed caterpillars on it a while ago and they were covered in ants, but apparently unperturbed.  Then they went into chrysalis stage and still were covered by ants. Now in the last couple of days we are having lots of beautiful butterflies hatching.  They are getting busy in the wattle making the next generation and they are also really enjoying the flowers on our garlic chives.

The butterflies are called Common Imperial Blue.  They are amazing.

Butterflies in the family Lycaenidae are known as ‘the blues’ and some species are famous for their relationships with ants.

Adult Common Imperial Blue Butterfly

Adult Common Imperial Blue Butterfly
Photographer: David Gray © Australian Museum

Standard Common Name

Common Imperial Blue Butterfly


The Imperial Blue Butterfly has a tail on the base of each hind wing. While resting, the tails blow in the wind and look like antennae. This may fool predators into attacking the more dispensable tails, rather than the head, of the butterfly.

Size range

4 cm


The Common Imperial Blue Butterfly lives in urban areas, forests and woodlands, heath.

Other behaviours and adaptations

Ants swarm and surround the caterpillars of the Common Imperial Blue Butterfly, eating the honeydew they produce and, in return for their sweet treat, the ants guard the caterpillars and keep predators away. The black caterpillars are usually found feeding on acacias. The best way to find the caterpillars is to follow the trail of ants along the branches of one of these plants.

It is wonderful to have a garden that gives food and happiness to us and to little indigenous critters alike.


There are nurseries which specialise not just in general Australian native vegetation, but in area-specific indigenous vegetation.

Even if you only have a small balcony, by letting your herbs go to flower they will provide food for many insects and lots of watching pleasure for you!  Parsley is very popular amongst our adult insect friends. The larval stages often need native vegetation to grow on though.

If you do have the space, give some room to indigenous plants and reap multiple rewards 🙂


In our area, north of Melbourne there are three nurseries that we have been to:

Western Plains Flora– (nearish to airport) open to public but not for browsing, give them your order using the latin names of species and they will box up the plants for you and bring out to the waiting area.

Valley of a Thousand Hills (Strath Creek) – only on Saturday, call first. Small but good quality and friendly and nice to visit, stop at the look out on the way. 03 5784 9286

Goldfields nursery, near Bendigo.

Here is a more complete list for greater Victoria.