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Some interesting articles June 2017

Food for thought and thoughts for food!

Having your carton and eating it too

A bottle of honey in Ecovative packaging made from mycelium fungus.



‘Seductive names’ make vegetables more appealing

Twisted Citrus Glazed Carrots.jpg
Twisted Citrus Glazed Carrots



Factory Farms Belong in a Museum


“‘Ten thousand years ago humans and our livestock accounted for about 0.1 percent of the world’s large vertebrates,’ said Tony Juniper, the former head of Friends of the Earth. ‘Now we make up about 96 percent. This is a timely and necessary debate, and an issue that is being debated more and more.’



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10 Serves of fruit and veg a day-news article

The “five a day” rule should be doubled to 10 pieces of fruit and vegetables, a major study has said as it found that increasing consumption dramatically decreases the chance of disease.


They also taste AMAZING and make you feel GREAT!!

fruit machine.jpg


Coincidentally, on the theme of gambling, I just found this

Howard Zinn, Social Activist

In this awful world where the efforts of caring people often pale in comparison to what is done by those who have power, how do I manage to stay involved and seemingly happy?

I am totally confident not that the world will get better, but that we should not give up the game before all the cards have been played. The metaphor is deliberate; life is a gamble. Not to play is to foreclose any chance of winning. To play, to act, is to create at least a possibility of changing the world.

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ABC news report: Eating for better health: The power of plant-based diets

ABC Health & Wellbeing 18/1/17

There are lots of promises made about diets, many of which fail to eventuate.8187610-16x9-medium

But there is one approach to eating that growing evidence suggests could reduce your risk of developing a host of health conditions, from diabetes and heart disease to high cholesterol and dementia.

Eating a plant-based diet — rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes — can help slow or prevent various processes of disease that begin long before diagnosis, says dietician Sue Radd.

“Often we think you either have a disease or you don’t. You’ve either got dementia, or you don’t. You’ve either got high blood pressure, or you don’t. You’ve either got diabetes, or you don’t.

“But it’s not quite the case. There’s a whole pathway from ‘not having it’ to ‘having it’,” says Ms Radd.

Diet, she says, is the cornerstone of ‘lifestyle’ improvement, and eating three times a day gives us great scope to include foods that promote good health.”

Research consistently shows that adopting a natural, minimally-processed, plant-based diet is best because it can simultaneously impact multiple pathways to disease.”

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