At the start of 2016 I made my first ever new years resolution:

I am so upset by the things that people do to animals in the name of food, fashion, pharmaceuticals and ‘fun’ that I want to give an ‘f’ back…52×52 of them to be precise…

My resolution for 2016 is to learn about and donate $52 to a different animal charity each week, for 52 weeks.


…and through some kind of alchemy, I managed to join the 8% of the population who stick to their resolutions!


 The result was 52charities52weeks.

I also chose to step up my commitment to living a plant powered life.

Along the way I have collected a cornucopia of tricks, treats and trivia that make it both  rewarding and easy to live a kinder life.

I would like bring all this information together to share, without pretending to be an angel, or even a half decent photographer!

Animals don’t have much choice in their lives, but we do.



Be Prepared to choose kindness…



…Plant Powered Planet contains even more handy tools than a Swiss Army Knife 🙂




Our life is only as worthwhile as what we choose to do with it.