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Electric Toothbrush battery recycling

When an electric toothbrush dies, most people just put it straight in the bin.  But if you look at the back it has a small symbol that discourages this and encourages recycling, due to the battery inside.  Unfortunately the stupid things are designed to make this as difficult as possible to do.

Each year, in Australia, over 300 million household batteries are thrown away with ordinary waste, meaning a staggering 8,000 tonnes of batteries end up in landfill.

Over time, the chemicals in these batteries may be toxic to the environment, potentially harming wildlife and affecting surrounding soil or waterways.

If you want to be recycle, here is how you can do it for an Oral B one…

You need :

A hacksaw, or a not too precious bread knife. 

Another person to hold it, or a vice.

Cut approximately at the end of the word ‘timer’ (about a centimetre above the button).

Only cut as much as you need to until you are able to snap the top off.


Tip out the unit inside and use whatever you have on hand to lever off the black thing at the bottom and pull out the battery.  The terminal connectors are welded on.  You can cut these or just twist them off using a fork placed over them.

The easiest place for most Australians to recycle the battery is at Aldi.

Simply drop your used household batteries into the recycling bin located in every ALDI store – (removing any packaging) – and you’re done!

Whilst any brand of battery can be brought back, only AA, AAA, C, D and 9V sized batteries (rechargeable and non- rechargeable) are accepted through the program.

For automotive, button and other battery sizes, please visit to find your nearest drop off point.


There is the battery and toothbrush with all its ‘recyclable, non-bin-able’ labelling.

But somehow, I don’t think the manufacturer actually gives a rat’s arse what you do with it.

I couldn’t find any recycling symbols on the other parts of the brush, but I figured everything except the processor board was probably able to go in the recycling bin.

Thank you for taking the effort.