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Vasectomy by Dr Snip

I have never had a desire to be called’ ‘mum’ (or even ‘auntie’).  

Some kids know they want to be a pilot when they grow up, others want to be a rock star.  I just knew I never wanted kids.  People kept saying I would change my mind as I reached birthday milestones …25…nope …30…nope… 35…nope etc.


Fortunately my partner felt exactly the same way about ‘dad’ and so an appointment with Dr Snip was made.  He has great information on his site, so if this is a path you are considering, it is well worth a visit.

For guys who are nervous about the physical side of it…think about what women go through…nine months of pregnancy (no alcohol!), permanent body changes, painful childbirth, sore boobs, career upheaval…and suddenly it doesn’t seem that dramatic at all.

My partner had it done on a Friday (I got to watch).  He works in a physical job and would have been able to go back to work on the Monday, but his big tough team leader who is terrified of the idea encouraged him to take it off, so who was he to refuse!

He had some discomfort on and off for a few weeks afterward, but nothing he needed painkillers for.  A few months after the procedure he experienced discomfort again, that lasted a couple of weeks then went away and he has been perfect in the years since.

It has DEFINITELY made a very positive contribution to our relationship. Spontaneity is never an issue and there is no more stress about contraceptive measures that can be unhealthy, unpleasant and also are never 100% effective.

Vasectomy is 100% effective and should be long-term side effect free.

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Some people say that we ‘missing out’.  No doubt we are missing out on some nice things, as well as some not so nice things…as are they.   Nobody can have everything.  I am just grateful that our society offers us the choice.

If you have decided not to have kids for one of many reasons…

For environmental reasons.  Or you can’t/don’t want to stump up the associated costs.  Or to prevent passing on a health issue.  Or you think that being born a human is overrated and you don’t want to put someone through all that.  Or you value your freedom and have other plans.  Or you want yourself and your partner to remain each other’s Number One.  You may like to know that when your turn comes to exit the world, you can do so with less attachment. Or you may like the ability to give/will your earthly possessions to charitable causes.  Or you just find the thought of being depended on claustrophobic.  Or you already have your fair share of kids.

…You have the choice to put your balls on the line.

Dr Snip will even throw in a free stubby cooler.