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Garlic Bread-The Easiest and Best

This just needs your toaster, so it is really quick.

Ingredients – Bread, Oil, Minced Garlic, Lemon Pepper (highly recommended but can sub with Massel stock powder or salt)

Persian Garlic bread hanging out with friends with benefits

Step 1: Put chosen bread in toaster.  Fold if it is flat bread, slice thinner if it is Turkish bread.  Western sliced bread works fine.  Persian/Iranian bread, similar to naan, about $3-$4 for 5 rounds from Arabic grocers is my favourite- cut a round into half then fold the half into thirds and gently stuff into toaster.

Step 2: When lightly toasted, remove from toaster and spread with oil.  You can just use a spoon or a knife.  My favourite way is to keep a 50/50 blend of olive oil (cheap)/macadamia oil (tasty) in an aluminium hairdressing spray bottle (bought from ‘variety/junk’ shops $2-$3).  We spray this on toast in place of butter/marg.  I tried to buy an expensive fancy culinary stainless steel one. More fool me, it was hopeless.  The aluminium ones won’t so much ‘spray’ as ‘stream’ after one use, but it is a really useful, cheap and efficient tool to have in the kitchen.  Better than buying aerosol oil sprays for sure!!!

Step 3: Spread on minced garlic.  Use the bought stuff IF YOU MUST! Or prepare some especially… or even better, next time you are in front of telly, peel bulk home grown stuff or the best quality bought stuff you can afford.  Freeze the peeled cloves, or blend with olive oil, salt and some citric/tartaric or ascorbic acid and keep in a jar in the fridge (sorry, I don’t know the official quantities, the idea is to hold anaerobic salmonella at bay while not turning the puree inedible through its acidity, so far I am not dead with adding about half a teaspoon of acid, a similar amount of salt + 25 % olive oil to 75% garlic and blending and keeping in the fridge in a 300g Dorito salsa dip style jar and using over weeks.***   (Aussies, if you prefer to get a similarly dimensioned jar with much more dimensional ingredients, I heartily recommend this amazing cashew sensation.)


Step 4: Sprinkle on Lemon Pepper.  Seriously, do it.  The capitalisation isn’t an accident.  I’m just not sure how to add haloes to lemons.نتيجة بحث الصور عن ‪halo lemon emoji‬‏ نتيجة بحث الصور عن ‪halo lemon emoji‬‏This stuff adds glorious pizazz to so many things. Like pizza.  Look for it in bulk in Indian or Arabic grocers, or in the supermarket for smaller, way over-priced doses of this love drug! Sub with salt or Massel stock powder and any other jazzing up you choose.

Step 5 : Eat… while everyone else is still waiting for their oven to heat up.