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Sandwich Press Pizza Recipe

I avoid home appliances that only have one use …I’m looking at you, pizza ovens…

…and I applaud appliances that are only limited by the imagination…our sandwich press makes everything from stirfries to felafels to hot chips to pad thai to pizza…so… today, let’s make amazing plant powered pizzas at home.  No cheese required.

The only fancy appliances required are a normal food processor and a cafe style flat bed sandwich press; Breville 4 slice is my pick.  And a bottle for a rolling pin.

Dough for 1 rectangular pizza

In a food processor with the blade attachment, put

1.5 cups plain white flour (not wholemeal, please-pizzas are meant to be fun! Only meat eaters need to worry about extra fibre cos animal products contain none; fibre is a plant product.)

1 tsp yeast, 1/2 tsp sugar, 1/4 tsp salt


Put on lid, start blades running, then slowly drizzle in warm water and olive oil until the dough turns into crumbles and then wait til it JUST comes together in a ball. Stop blades and feel texture –  it should feel very malleable, but not sticky, and just little salty-like play dough, just with less snot worked into it.

Add flour or water as required if is not quite there, then let the processor kick the ball around for about three minutes to give that gluten time to realise who is boss.  Remove from processor bowl, shape into a ball with wet, oily hands (to stop the outsides drying out as it rises) then place in a large sealed container in a warm place; eg an oven that is now off, after being briefly turned on. Leave for an hour or more.(Add more yeast to turbo boost it quicker.)

⊗ Only make one batch at a time to save the stress on your processor, which is going above and beyond to make this for you.

Toppings in order of putting on pizza

Tomato paste, slather on generously

Minced fresh garlic

Fresh thyme/oregano/marjoram/basil/parsley and/or dried ‘Italian herbs’

Diced Onion, Tomato, Green Capsicum, Mushrooms (You can mix all these topping up in a bowl to make them quicker to apply)

Capers and/or kalamata olives.  If you think you don’t like capers, try them again; they are amazing! I keep a jar of them that I have drained and fried for use on salads, pizzas and pasta.  They are vegan substitutes for anchovies/ham/bacon/panchetta in recipes.

Smoked salt/lemon pepper/chilli flakes (optional)


Do not preheat press!!!

Roll risen dough onto cool, oiled sandwich press, using glass bottle.  This allows you to get right to all the edges, unlike a rolling pin. Roll it thin..about half a centimetre only. Don’t be tempted to use up extra dough  by making a thick base, it is yucky (unless you are five)!

Put on all the toppings, remember in a good pizza, less is more.

Now roll the toppings flat and push them a bit into the dough with your rolling bottle.  This stops them from burning and falling off without cheese to Clag them on.

Now turn on press and hover just about the toppings leaving a bit of room for it to rise.

After about 5 mins use a spatula to rotate the pizza 180 degrees to ensure even cooking. When it is golden underneath, turn off press and use a spatula and kitchen scissors to cut it up and serve straight from the press.

If you have smoked chilli sauce, you should be using it now.

Allow press to cool before making the next one!

Pizza BC: before cooking


Cheese on pizzas just glues on the ingredients, it isn’t really necessary as this recipe shows.  My ‘normal’ friends don’t even notice there is no cheese (or even cheese substitute) till I tell ’em.  You can use cashew cheese (pictured) if you want to.

Matt Preston said you can’t make good pizzas at home without a pizza oven.

He was wrong.


Here he is, awarding me a trophy and apologising.