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Tofu Jerky Recipe (vegan)

Ooh yeah! It’s chewy, it’s tasty, it’s easy. Bring on beer o’clock. 

Cut the firmest tofu you can find into 3-4mm slices.

Slather in sauce of your choosing. (Salty+Sweet+Smokey works well eg soy sauce with pomegranate molasses/golden/maple syrup and garlic/pepper/smoked paprika/liquid smoke- if you want to be fancy, the spices in this vegan pepperoni recipe work great) or try teriyaki/char siu sauce etc.

Lay out on baking paper. (You can put the baking paper over the racks from your oven.)

Put out in sun to dry, preferably under glass to concentrate heat. Turn after a few hours. It should be ready in one good summer’s day.





Op shop glass table with gutter guard and sexy water filled ant-proof boots!

The other thing drying is cherry plum pulp.